Raspberry and orange victoria sponge

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Raspberry and orange Victoria sponge

Once you’ve mastered a classic Victoria sponge you can start getting creative! In our Crazy about Cakes class we make a chocolate orange version complete with Terry’s chocolate orange segments on the top – amazing! 

Here we are replacing the milk which normally gets used with some orange juice and dropping in some raspberries. The result is a pretty and tasty cake, simple to make but sure to impress! 

This method goes back to the old fashioned scales, where you balanced your eggs against the other ingredients to be sure you had the right quantities. It’s also great if you have your own eggs which have much more variability in their weight than supermarket ones!



3 eggs

butter, softened (for quantity see below)

caster sugar (for quantity see below)

self-raising flour (for quantity see below)

splash orange juice

handful raspberries (frozen actually work better than fresh as they hold their shape)

for the filling

200ml double cream (mix with a little mascarpone for added richness if you fancy)

zest 1 orange

3 tbsp raspberry jam

3 tbsp orange curd

1. Preheat oven to 180°C/ fan 160°C.

2. Weigh the eggs (in the shell). Whatever this weight is, you will need the same amount of flour, caster sugar & butter.

3. Weigh out the required weight of butter & caster sugar into a large mixing bowl. Then cream these well together.

4. Weigh out the required amount of flour in a separate bowl.

5. Stir in 1 egg & a tablespoon of the flour. Repeat with the other 3 eggs. Once combined, add the remaining flour & continue to stir until well mixed. Loosen with a little splash of orange juice.

6. Transfer into the cake tin, dot in the raspberries and put in the oven. The cake takes about 20-25 minutes to cook, but check after 15. When it is cooked the sponge should feel bouncy when you push on it and if you insert a knife, it should come out clean.

7. Whip the cream to soft peaks for the filling, stirring in the orange zest. Cover 1 side of the cake with jam, topped with cream and then the orange curd on the other side. Sandwich together and serve with a little icing sugar dusted over the top.


Best eaten within 24 hours!