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Last week I spent time out at the Weber Grill Academy in Copenhagen. This venue is beyond amazing, with a BBQ glitter ball hanging from the ceiling as you walk in and countless BBQs set up for indoor cooking. As with much of Scandinavia, they achieve effortless coolness – how do they pull off cool so much better than us Brits?


Along with a selection of other cookery schools from the UK and Ireland we learnt how to grill, bake, roast and smoke on gas and charcoal barbecues. Amongst the recipes we covered were pizzas and puddings, beer can chicken and bruschetta.

The evening was spent outside practising our new skills. A cool evening was warmed up with countless grills fired up to create our evening meal and we sat down to enjoy each course expertly matched with a fantastic wine.

The purpose of the trip was to ensure we were all set up to teach the Weber Essential Course, which is now available with the Emsworth Cookery School. Our events will be held down in Southsea, making use of the fabulous cooking facilities at the Portsmouth High School. Fingers crossed for some warm weather to get us barbecuing this summer.



Details of the Weber barbecue course are available on the Weber site. Please note all bookings are made directly with Weber, but do give me a ring if you have any queries.

UPDATE – we’re also now running BBQ Marinades & Sides and BBQ baking classes in Emsworth, plus the Weber range has extended to include BBQ Classics, Seafood and Winter Warmers.