While it’s true that we get more female cooks in the kitchen than men, there are certain classes that seem to attract more men to. Indian, Thai and Bread all seem be a hit with the men. 

At the Emsworth Cookery School we always want to get more people involved in the kitchen and we’re really hoping that our special treats over the Fathers’ Day period appeal to the man in your  life. We’ve got Barbecue Marinades and Sides for those of you who want to extend your BBQ repertoire, Beer Baking using local beers to make brownies, bread and much more, then Montezumas – the dark side of chocolate, for those with a sweet but sophisticated tooth!

And if you have someone who doesn’t know one end of a spatula from the other, do send them along for Confidence in the Kitchen

All of these classes are open to ladies and gentlemen, we’re just trying to make sure our menus appeal to everyone. Please do get in touch if there’s something you think would appeal for future classes!