Adults classes

Come and get involved!

Please find below the dates & details for our upcoming classes. Some are already full, but will be repeated later, so do get in touch if you would like to be put on the waiting list!

Bespoke classes for groups of friends can also be arranged. If you are interested in this, please get in touch & we can find a suitable date to run any of these courses for you, or perhaps a class tailored to your group.

Any of our group classes can be booked on a 1-2-1 basis for a £39 supplement. Classes taught on a 1-2-1 basis will be shorter than the group classes but will cover all of the same dishes.

Please note that some courses are listed here, but are not yet available to book online, so please contact us if the course you are interested in can not be booked online.




BBQ Marinades & Sides, 5th June, 10am – 2pm, £84

BBQ – Beginner to Brilliant! 11th Jun, 6-9pm, £75

Tapas & Meze, 12th June, 10am – 2pm, £84

Quirky cakes & chewy cookies, 19th June, £84

Pasta & Prosecco, 24th June, 7-9pm, £55

BBQ like a Pro, 25th June, 6-9pm, £75

Smoking on the BBQ, 9th July, 6-9pm, £75

BBQ – Seafood Special, 23rd July, 6-9pm, £75

BBQ – Mexican Special, 30th July, 6-9pm, £75

BBQ Baking, 6th Aug, 6-9pm, £75

BBQ for Autumn & Beyond, 3rd Sept, 6-9pm, £75

Scone Special, 11th Sept, 7-9pm, £55

Saints & Sinners Cake Baking,18th Sept, £89

Chinese Banquet, 19th Sept, 10am – 2pm, £89

Vegan Banquet, 20th Sept, 10am – 2pm, £89

Global Curries, 25th Sept, £89

Mastering Macarons, 25th Sept, 7-9pm, £55

Bread Masterclass, 27th Sept, 10am – 2pm, £89

Two Day Bread Class, 1st & 2nd Oct, 10am-2pm, £155

Mexican Street Food, 9th Oct, 10am – 1pm, £69

Thai Mini Break, 10th Oct, 10am – 2pm, £89