Duke of Edinburgh Award Cookery

Meeting the needs of the Skills section of your award

Duke of Edinburgh courses can be arranged on demand and involve one class per month for 3-6 months, plus “homework” for the cooks to work on in between the classes.


The course is an ideal introduction to cookery skills to set young people up with a repertoire of recipes to take away with them when they leave home. Cooks will have the confidence to feed themselves and cook for others too.


Date: to be arranged- please contact us

Cost: £40 per person per session, for 2-4 cooks, £35 per person per session, for 5-8 cooks.


One-to-one sessions are also available.

Life skills

Learning to cook independently

Presuming no prior kitchen skills, this is the perfect class for those heading off to university or moving out of home. In it we will arm you with a repertoire to feed yourself for a week on a budget of £50, with a menu of quick and easy dishes for nutritious meals on a budget.


We cook a variety of dishes which can including lasagne (allowing the cooks to learn basic tomato sauce & white sauce), curry, macaroni cheese, pizza, toad-in-the-hole, apple crumble and homemade ice-cream. The exact menu can be created ahead of the day by the chef(s) & we can cook virtually anything you fancy!


We will use a minimum of equipment to ensure that these dishes can be created without this expense. We will briefly talk about basic food hygiene to make sure you know how to store your food safely & cook without causing harm to yourself or those you cook for.


The class can either be delivered for a group of friends (4 -6 cooks) or on a one-to-one basis.


Cost: for students 25 years old or younger £155, duration 1 day (4 hours). This class can also be taken by over 25 year olds, costing £195, or in a group (4-6 cooks) £115, duration 2 days (8 hours).


These costs include all ingredients & equipment. Please contact us to arrange a suitable date.