Hands-on fun for young cooks!

Our classes are currently on hold but we look forward to welcoming our young chefs back into the kitchen asap. I envisage initially this being for bubbled groups. If you would like to get a group of names down to be the top of our list when we can take bookings, please get in touch here.

In our classes we will be working to create selection of sweet and savoury dishes, which all get boxed up to bring home and impress you with.

The price includes all ingredients, packaging to bring food home in and a recipe booklet. We have plenty of aprons for the children to use here, although many cooks like to bring their own.

To book a place, please select from the options below, or contact us for further details and to book directly.


Once we are able to offer classes, these will be set up in our Covid-safe kitchen. Depending on the time of year we will either cook in the kitchen with all windows open or outside so please dress with a few extra layers! Our classes will continue to be hands-on fun with all the chefs creating their own dishes in their own socially distanced cooking spaces.

We are offering 3 different classes:

Ultimate burger building

Cookies & Brownies

Pasta Perfection

The classes are sold as a package for 4 cooks, £160 total.

If you prefer an indoor class, you are welcome to book a class for your household or bubble, a 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 class.

Please contact us to discuss dates and menus.