Our one-to-one lessons are perfect home cooks, whether they are a beginner without a clue as to where to start, a keen cook wanting to extend their repertoire, or somewhere in between.

Our bundles of classes offer great value with 6 lessons for the price of 5, giving you the opportunity to really make improvements in your cookery. We’ve worked with lots of keen young cooks looking to extend their skills beyond baking, teenagers learning to cook as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award or about to head off to university, parents wanting to cook more from scratch, retired people looking to cook with more time on their hands.

Here’s the menu from a recent cook looking to gain confidence in cooking for large crews on a round the world sailing trip –

Class one – Beef lasagna, garlic flat bread/ pizza, potato wedges.

Class two – Madras, onion bhaji, red lentil and sweet potato dhal, spicy rice, white loaf, chocolate fudge traybake.

Class three – Blackbean chill with homemade tortillas, Tuna Puttanesca, sesame plait, flapjack.

Class four – Tiger bread, ciabatta, bagels, ginger nuts.

Class five – Green curry, green rice, bombay potatoes, banana bread, chocolate cookies.

Class six – Oat cookies, Montezuma’s chocolate brownie, sundried tomato and basil tear & share loaf, pumpkin curry, chocolate & jam cake, chow mein.

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